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“My passion in facilitated workshops is to guide you to create a conscious, happy and fun relationship with yourself .
Allow me to help your break the myths about manifesting your own reality, so you can find the ease and happiness in your life.” – Jodene

Group Workshops

I run a full day Project Me or The Holistic Entrepreneur workshop, with each participant receiving a digital workbook. The workshop is facilitated from your premises, with travel costs only being incurred outside of the Johannesburg, South Africa region. Participants will be guides through the tools and techniques which forms the foundation of Project Me and The Holistic Entrepreneur.
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Workshops from Jodene Shaer

Online Coaching Workshop

Many people are more comfortable embarking on their journey in a private capacity, which I am always willing to facilitate. Please feel free to enquire about personal online coaching, which will be a series of 1 hour Skype sessions for a minimum of three one month sessions. These sessions are tailored to suit your time and lifestyle and cater for both Project Me and The Holistic Entrepreneur.
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Workshop Topics

Project Me

The foundation of the workshops focuses on the pillars which create a healthy personal relationship: self worth, happiness, F.A.I.T.H (my personal acronym: Focus, Acceptance, Intention, Trust and Happiness) and gratitude.
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The One Step Guide to Financial Freedom

Creating an intimate and emotional relationship between money and yourself is a fresh approach to creating financial freedom. Share in my journey from financial chaos to financial freedom, while you learn the tools to change your own relationship with money.
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