Jodene Shaer 

Waking up to Lead SA – project me day 215

As personal as ‘project me’ is, I’ve jumped on my little soap box often enough and waved my patriotic South African flag.  I waved it when people were annoyed at the Springboks and I waved it again despite not having the most fabulous world cup experience and maybe a little too proudly defended my country when everyone was saying the vuvuzelas where annoying.

In my aspirations to be a writer and blogger, it can be an extremely tough journey. Many people around the world have offered me help in the form of web development and advice as well as publishing tips and support. The greatest advice I get from most of them is to leave South Africa. Our bandwidth has been critisised and so has our slow take on social networking.
I’ve watched everything was over me and felt my fighting spirit and determination to follow my love and passion for this county into my success.

The proudly South African moments grow by the day and instead of taking the advice to stray from my roots, I’ve shouted louder and louder that I AM SOUTH AFRICAN.

This morning I woke up to yet another totally unexpected and proudly South African moment. The launch of Lead SA!

Lead SA is a primedia initiative and hats off to everyone involved in a campaign that has been so long awaited in the beautiful country of ours. The philosophy is that if we each take responsibility for our own change and for living in our truth then united we have the power to create a country abundant with leaders … each one of us.

How in line is that with ‘project me’?
It is a challenge to live every day consciously and in your own truth. I have shown my downfalls and my fears and encouraged others to return their thoughts to their integrity and self worth at the end of each day. Therefore I’m beyond proud and beyond excited to accept the challenge from Lead SA!

Today I woke up to Lead SA … what an amazing responsibility.

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