Jodene Shaer 


In a snap online survey, over fifty percent of respondents said they were still trying to figure out their life purpose, goals and what makes them happy.

Be it for professional or personal reasons, almost everyone has turned to some form of self-help to improve their lives. If the self-help industry is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, why are we unhappier, unhealthier and unsatisfied more than ever before? In my talks, I will unravel the key flaws in self-help and explain why the only step you need to take is to walk your own path of happiness and have F.A.I.T.H (Focus, Acceptance, Intention, Trust, Happiness).

2017 Keynote Talk

How to Change your Life without Hitting Rock Bottom

Rising from the ashes, life change from breakdown, and overcoming atrocity to discover inner strength are powerful storytelling tools many use to motivate and inspire. Is this the only way though? In my talk, I explains why your thoughts have not turned into things and redefines the basic law of the universe, where happiness is the outcome.

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2017 Let’s Talk Money

The one step guide to financial freedom

Money issues have nothing to do with money. Delve into the emotional relationship with yourself and with money to open the gates of abundance and a much happier financial life.

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