Jodene Shaer 

The Holistic Entrepreneur

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Have you sacrificed happiness for success?

This intriguing story, told by the original Holistic Entrepreneur, Jodene Shaer, is a riveting, real, and raw account of not only her life, but an echo of our own lives as entrepreneurs. One does not often come across a book that invites you to self-reflect, take time for deep introspection, and leaves you with a hunger to seek out and carve an expedition for your own life, one that leads to the best you.

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Entrepreneurs are people first…

The Holistic Entrepreneur route to true, all-encompassing personal success is one of intuitively and instinctively selecting people with whom you can be human. All too often, the ‘art of the deal’ can obscure the purpose of striving for success; to be happy and content with your life. This book demonstrates that when you win, it doesn’t necessarily follow that someone else has to lose.

Face your fears, and discard them…

You have an idea, you have the skills, you have everything you need for a happy and successful business life. So what’s stopping you?

Entrepreneurs often struggle with the traditional roles and expectations in industry; don’t you have to be tough and ruthless? In The Holistic Entrepreneur, the author lays out an alternative vision for independent business in the 21st century; a blueprint for growth that considers your own emotional and/or spiritual well-being as the foundation of your success. Following Jodene’s proven plan, you’ll quickly discover that the world has been fooling us all along; nice guys do win, and more often than you think.

Find your equilibrium…

Inside The Holistic Entrepreneur, you’ll learn the simple steps that will enable you to balance the demands of an entrepreneurial business lifestyle, with the need to nurture the person at the centre of it all – You.

  • Your goal versus your purpose
  • Your business plan versus your happiness plan
  • Your financial worth versus your self-worth
  • Plus many other fundamentals that will empower you to be yourself, in harmony with the commercial demands of your chosen industry.

Follow your step-by-step plan to happiness…

Alongside Jodene’s remarkable story, you’ll also benefit from her 8-step plan which will guide you through the actions you’ll be taking to throw off your apprehension or nervousness about ‘Will I Succeed?’

You’ll quickly equip yourself with the empowering tools to move comfortably towards your goals.
You’ll expand your personal comfort zone to encircle even those tasks and challenges that you currently avoid, and…
You’ll acquire a new kind of confidence, the kind that’s based on your connection with your innermost motivations.
Isn’t that what everybody wants?

Read what others are saying…

“Whether or not you see yourself as an entrepreneur, there will be something for you in this untraditional self-help book. It’s a sensitive and empathetic road map for self-discovery.” Sam Cowen – Author, Radio Host and TV Personality

“The stacks of unfinished books around the office and at home seem to grow continuously, but this clever book has found its way – thoroughly enjoyed and reread – to the top of the pile.” Rick Alan – MC and Director, The ProduXion House

“It’s a must-read for anyone who is planning to run their own business, or for business owners who need some encouragement.” Lia Marus – Entrepreneur South Africa

Take Action…

Nobody is born to be unhappy. You already have the power to change every outcome. Why wait?


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