Jodene Shaer 

Kittens and Christmas trees

In my world, down south, it’s not really time for ‘Christmas trees’. I’m kind of a stickler for the pagan traditions and the tree belongs to winter in my world. On the other hand, that little girl in me gets all excited about Christmas … even though I’m born Jewish. Confusing, I know, but that’s what most people love about me … I think!

This year is a little different and Pat’s son is in town for the holidays so I wanted to put up a tree for him. I didn’t forget my pagan roots and added the secret touches that I know would keep my traditions going.

There’s just one thing I didn’t quite plan for … a¬†mischievous kitten …

TreeThe tree . with all the pretty lights and fake snow!

roran christmas treeRoran discovers the tinsel … and so the nightmare before Christmas begins

 Fallen tree

Well someone had fun while mom was sleeping …

Kitten …

With courage, consciousness & a sense of humour