Jodene Shaer 

Boobs go first – project me day 118

Yes … this blog is about my boobs! But first I’m taking one last moment to vent over the chaos that I’ve had with technology for the past few days.

When I was growing up and one of my siblings irritated me, I would run crying to my mother. She always had the same answer … if you ignore them they will get bored and stop. So … I’m doing that with Mercury retrograde and the absolute havoc that it’s caused for another day. I’m not playing into the fact that my internet connection (the actual cable thingie) decided to lose connection with my laptop. I’m totally ignoring the fact that I couldn’t get onto my mother’s wireless connection because my brother has lost the password. I’m also totally turning a blind eye to the fact that Greggie offered me keys to his house (our office) so I could go and work early while he sorted his car out. Of course I said no and thought the power would return by today (which it did … at about 9pm last night) and I would get all my work done this morning! But I’m not talking about that … I’m ignoring Mercury completely.

Instead … let’s talk about the joys of living inside a female body that is finally getting the hang of balancing out my sugar levels, training like a demon and living a healthy lifestyle that’s finally making me feel a whole lot better.
Let’s rephrase that shall we … Just by eating the right things that are super low gi, but not refined … I’m not hungry anymore. For the first time in years I’m not eating before I go to sleep. I’m not starving at any point during the day and I’m not craving anything … I’ve waited for this my whole life.
I see my best friend watching me out of the corner of my one eye to make sure that it’s not obsessive, goal orientated or that I’m not having fun. I am having fun … with my food! Lots of fun … woo hoo!!

My skin is clearing … Thank you God, Goddess and all that is!! I don’t have to cake on the make-up and I don’t feel like I’m a little 16 year old trotting off to school with embarrassment looming over me like.

My body is changing shape … but don’t do a woo hoo just yet. Actually … I’d stop and take a moment to write to me and tell me not to panic!! The boobs won’t vanish completely!
Who designed the freakin’ female body?  I can’t believe how this is so not working out in proportion … boobs first???

No, no, Universe … not boobs first!!! I want hips first … then a little off the waist, tone the arms a touch, just a touch more off the cheek area … but leave my boobs alone!!!

I can hear Miss Universe giggling as I look down and sigh.
I said I wasn’t obsessing over the scale and I’m not, so the next weigh-in will only be in three weeks (from Sunday) … but whatever I’ve lost … it’s all in the chest area.

The sad part is that it’s not just me … my sister (bless her lack of tact) looks at me on Tuesday and goes: “Jeez, you look so out of proportion, what happened to your boobs?” … fan-freakin-tastic!!!!

What the hell, let’s talk cup size!
When I was a hefty size 44, my boobs were tankers that I heaved into a D cup and those days mortified me. As soon as  I could I would squeeze into a C … and must admit that I did move into that size a little too soon. None the less … the years passed and I became this very comfie and super happy C cup!
OMG … the C’s not so full anymore …

So … now I look like one of those pears … you know the one with the long, thing top part and then the huge big juicy bottom! That’s me …

I think you can tell from the energy of this blog that as far as ‘project me’ goes, I’m getting it so right. I’m loving every moment of sorting out my sugar issues in a natural way and I’m still as goalless as ever. I love my body … even if I look like a fruit.

I’m love the gym and the weight training, despite the fact that I thought I had torn a chest muscle … oh … and a stomach muscle! It’s been years since I did that whole “ooooohh … ouch …” thing while trying to sit or stand … or move … or raise a fork to my mouth. This morning I imagined myself having to be lifted out of the bath with a crane because my arms were so sore that I couldn’t use my strength to pull me up … and Saturday is legs … woo hoo and eeeekk!