Jodene Shaer 

Asleep before midnight – Day 12

Interesting day this has been. Project me is proving to be a little more trying than I realised.

What to do in the evenings (when I don’t have my spurts of a social life to distract me from working till all hours of the morning) is beginning to get quite trying. I mean, is it really possible to have NOTHING to do in the evenings?

This evening, at dinner with my mom and Greggie, I explained my distress at committing myself to not to work in the evenings as part of the project. That’s really going to put me under extreme pressure during the average person’s working hours … considering all the deadlines I have.
“Deadline?” asks Greggie, who just happens to be my business partner and completely aware of the workload we have set out before us. Nothing, to his knowledge, has a deadline at all.

Panic … I think that’s how I can describe my mind if you take away the fictitious deadlines and point out that, indeed, things can all be completed in good time without having to consume my waking (and should be sleeping) hours with work.

I’m hugely proud of myself tonight because I’m blogging and then having an early (before midnight) night! Well, that’s after I’ve finished my good night chat with Text Guy. Yes … still texting …
Even though, in my head, I have things that need to be complete by sunrise tomorrow … I’m acknowledging that I’m my own boss and that the only demands laid on me are all self inflicted! I’m a starter finisher for goodness sake … what’s all the panic for?

I learned something else about myself today that might seem particularly logical to many, but I needed to go through the experience to make sure I don’t do stupid things to my body ever again. I need nourishment that consists of more than a few pieces of watermelon and a cru de te splattering of vegetables before heading to the gym. Holy cow … I’m not so bad with the run walk thing around the track and still do rowing before heading to the super circuit (the girlie one … of course!)

I couldn’t row … my body just refused to go there. I could actually feel the magnetic resistance and turned pale at the thought. It was no better on the super circuit either! To be totally honest … I give you permission to picture me lying in the centre of the circuit on a mat, pretending to do some kind of full body stretch … where truthfully I was just trying not to die!

I love skype …
My day was filled with conversation that broke the workload to meet my fictitious deadlines. One in particular is preparing the outline of my upcoming seminars(I can’t reveal too much yet, coz Greggie and I are presenting our seminars to each other at the end of the month … and it’s a secret till then! … shhhh!). So, I spent the day bouncing between planning and talking to very special and interesting peeps.
I’m most excited that Pandora and I have set up a skype call for tomorrow afternoon. I can hear her heart aching after her breakup. I can’t wait to share some special time with my precious friend. I’ve decided that my next trip overseas is straight to her and a hop, skip and jump over to Venice and maybe a little additional hop over to Rome (I think I left a piece of my heart in those two places)! In case you’re wondering … I have no travel plans … well, not that imagining is not planning!!

Today I thought about the extent of my dreams and wondered whether my imaginary interview with “Ellen” would be nearly as exciting as real life. I love my imagination and let it dance with reckless abandon today … dreaming up magical opportunities, adventures and ways in which I could manifest some of my beautiful plans.
I had a bad moment though … not bad as much as a stupid girlie moment!

It’s only been twelve freaking days .. so what possessed me to try on a pair of jeans that I had a little way to squeeze into before I went on my December holiday binge fest. Ok … it buttoned up … but we’d have to go to a bar for dinner! You know the ones that you stand at! Sitting was out of the questions. So that miffed me out and I had to give myself a little pep talk on that goalless thing committed to. When “TIME” magazine asks me what pearl of wisdom I can share with everyone, I’ll simply say … “Don’t try on the size smaller for at least a month! 😉

Since I moved to my mom, I haven’t been meditating and have blamed the fact that I don’t have any space. What a lie (you see … I do lie!) … I have a beautiful space in my dad’s walk in cupboard that is ideal for a quiet moment and what better than to honour the places in the house that he loved so much? It might not be tomorrow or the next day … but a meditation is due and so is the smell of incense and flicker of candle light.

I’m falling asleep as I type … I guess I won’t have to worry about how I’m going to avoid working tonight!
I think my body is so excited that it’s run ahead of me and can’t wait to know what it’s like to sleep before midnight! So … sweet dreams everybody!