Jodene Shaer 

About Jodene Shaer


In 2009, my passion for social media was sparked, with international guidance from individuals who were also exploring the new world of Twitter and growing marketing potential of Facebook. Through my commitment to building a personal brand, I learned the power of an online strategy and was headhunted by Joburg Theatre in 2010. Their intention was for my formula of understand how crucial community and conversation is to a social media presence. This opportunity led me to be the first influencer marketers and hashtag strategists in South Africa, where I launched the use of influencers into the entertainment world.

I launched Chat Factory in 2011, and over the next 9 years expanded my service offering in social media strategy to include training, external account management of internal social media teams, online event coordinator and coordinated a team of three, with clients both locally and internationally.

Working alongside advertiser, digital marketers, web developers, PR, brand strategists, event coordinators and marketing managers I have confidently and passionately been the social media expert.

I pride myself on having my finger on the pulse, not only within all aspects of socialmedia, but within the world of through the line marketing, to ensure my service offering supports the golden thread which ties all facets of the user experience together for the client.

On behalf of the industry I am called on as a thought leader for speaker opportunities and media appearances.

Through my years of research and monitoring brands and the user experience, I am inthe process of writing an online marketing book, based on the transformation of the industry due to the impact of Generation Z and now the impact of Covid-19.