Jodene Shaer 

A perfect day manifested – Day 97

I think last night was one of my best sleep nights in I don’t know how long. I’m not saying that it might be because I actually went to bed at about 10:30 and not after midnight … way after midnight. I’m still say that I’m not say that it was that, because if it was then I have to admit that there’s a bit of a pitfall in ‘project me’.
I remember saying that I wouldn’t work at night, which I’m so getting right. I’m trying to remember if I said anything about not going online and chatting till all hours of the morning. This is where I’m so grateful for choice … because I would hate to have to give up some of my late night chats. Admittedly, 3am might be a little off the radar, but like I said … not changing that one!

After a great night’s sleep and waking up with a chilled enthusiasm about my life, I lay in bed … hoping Greggie would wake up first and put the kettle on. No such luck … so my mind began to wander and ended up between the pages of my yet to finish novel. I love … but absolutely LOVE the story and won’t rest until it’s published.
so, before the house, the monkeys or mother nature had stirred I was at my laptop making the first lot of grammatical changes to the book. The changes that I started a few weeks ago and got halfway through when everything else stepped in the way.
I can’t carry on writing until I’ve made these changes and I’ve been saying that for far too long.

Yesterday I had to convince myself that I was fine with the fact that the spa couldn’t take both Greggie and I for treatments because they only have one therapist, but today I was a lot more chilled and decided that I would have a long ritualistic bath in that time. It was just a pity that I was loving every moment of editing my novel.
Greggie left and the cleaning service arrived while I kept editing. The cleaner got closer and closer to the dining table until I had no choice but to set up the laptop outside on the patio. Why hadn’t I though of that earlier … what a beautiful day and the chalets are situated in such a way that I really felt as though I was in my own little cabin in the middle of the mountains, with not another soul around. My manifestation was so perfect  that the usual monkeys who are such a nuisance and keep us indoors where nowhere to be seen the entire day.  I drank tea, overlooked the gorgeous view and then … without warning … I started to cry! Yep, just like that …
The realisation that this exact moment has been in my visualisation for years was absolutely overwhelming. It was exactly as I had pictured it … all alone in the silence, writing the dream story in the most beautiful surroundings I could ever imagine. At that moment I stopped everything … thanked everyone in the Universe and then thanked ME most of all … and I just knew … I can manifest anything! Absolutely ANYTHING!

That moment left me on a high for the rest of the day and after a yummy lunch with Greggie I finished the task of the first edit and am officially ready to make the final changes to the story.

I love the fact that Greggie and I stood in the bottle store and decided that it wasn’t a drinking weekend and that one bottle of wine would suffice. Well, it hasn’t!!
Seeing as the whole day was a perfect manifestation, I’m smiling that I didn’t have wine to chill the senses and that I felt that way all by myself.

Oh by the way … mom isn’t having her op today. She’s having her op tomorrow … dad’s birthday! So I didn’t have that stress hanging over my head either.

But here’s the most perfect of all manifestations … I successfully managed to organise that the network on both of my phones has been down since lunch and I have no contact with the outside world at all. No texting from Text Guy! No flirting! No text sex … tee hee!

That’s it … bath time … like an hour or something ridiculous! The best part is that I didn’t meditate or visualise. I didn’t think about the things I have to do, fix or change. I didn’t worry or stress and I didn’t even think happy thoughts … I literally did nothing! My brain did nothing and I couldn’t believe that I had the ability to do that …wow!
Sleep time … one of those perfect holiday moments … afternoon sleep! UNTIL … Greggie’s phone rings and I can hear the conversation from my room and he’s telling ‘whoever’ that ‘we’re going for half price imported beer at the bar.’ …. Hmmm … I haven’t worn make-up and was hoping not to, but my skin’s so bad that I can’t go out without it. I don’t drink beer … imported or not … but I love my friend and he’s so excited! Also … I didn’t do the spa or the pool with him today … so lets go drink beer! Not beer … I did cider though!

Tonight’s my best night on TV ‘cause it’s my hot boy … The Mentalist is on! So Greggie is fed and on the couch, blogging is finished and I have no cellphone’s to distract me!

Perfect …
I hope you  manifested a day just a perfect … of course you did … they always are.