Jodene Shaer 

Have you sacrificed happiness for success?

This intriguing story, told by the original Holistic Entrepreneur, Jodene Shaer, is a riveting, real, and raw account of not only her life, but an echo of our own lives as entrepreneurs. One does not often come across a book that invites you to self-reflect, take time for deep introspection, and leaves you with a hunger to seek out and carve an expedition for your own life, one that leads to the best you.

Entrepreneurs are people first…

The Holistic Entrepreneur route to true, all-encompassing personal success is one of intuitively and instinctively selecting people with whom you can be human. All too often, the ‘art of the deal’ can obscure the purpose of striving for success; to be happy and content with your life. This book demonstrates that when you win, it doesn’t necessarily follow that someone else has to lose.

The Writer

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Follow me as I live each day with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour.

The Speaker

Hear me translate the law of attraction to define your own understanding and manifest the life you desire.

The Holistic Entrepreneur

Follow my teachings as I guide you to put your self-worth before your net worth, with an abundant outcome.

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Succeed by putting your self worth before your net worth.

2017 Keynote Talk

How to change your life Without hitting rock bottom

Rising from the ashes, life change from breakdown, and overcoming atrocity to discover inner strength are powerful storytelling tools many use to motivate and inspire. Is this the only way though? I explains why your thoughts have not turned into things and redefines the basic law of the universe, where happiness is the outcome.


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I’m thrilled we found each other. Before you explore the website, I would like to introduce myself.

I started telling my story when I was broken into a million pieces. This was way before blogs, as far back as 2004, and I still tell my story, in the midst of never-ending life lessons because we are never done learning and we shouldn’t be aiming for that.

Through my writing & public speaking, I proudly stand up and say that I prefer the unconventional approach to business and life. I believe the key to success and happiness are the same thing, feeling our fears and facing our shadow, because that is the direction where our true happiness lies.

My success story isn’t laced with affirmations and mantras and it’s not a step-by-step system that is incorporated into your day-to-day living. My story is about setting our heart’s compass to happiness, having faith in the journey and learning to take each step with integrity.

I am a living example that it’s perfectly acceptable to define ourselves through our own beliefs, as long as we are living consciously, within our integrity and with a whole bucket-load of faith. Not the religious kind, but Focus, Acceptance, Intention, Trust and Happiness. You see what I did there, right?

From my home in the bustling city of Johannesburg, South Africa, I have extended my message to every corner of the world through my companies and projects: Lifeology, Chat Factory, and ‘Project Me’.